Vettel (soon-to-be father) says ‘double points’ idea is ‘absurd’

Sebastian Vettel has labeled the “double-points” decision by the FIA as “absurd” following the FIA’s bombshell announcement yesterday.

According to German newspaper, Bild, the 4-time champ said:

“This is absurd and punishes those who have worked hard for a whole season,” Vettel told Bild.

“You can hardly imagine that on the last match of the Bundesliga season, (soccer) matches are suddenly worth twice as many points. I value the old traditions in Formula One and don’t understand this rule”.

The absurdity appears to have been tamped down according to Red Bull advisor Helmet Marko as the original proposal offered by the new F1 Strategy Group and  Formula One Commission group was to award double-points for the final four races of the season. Sky Sports F1 has the call:

“At first it was planned to be awarded double points for the last four races,” Marko said.

This is even more absurd as the concept marginalizes the entire season. If this is the first big move by the newly created F1 Strategy Group, then the FIA have really missed the mark with their new creative strategy to enhance Formula 1.

In other news, Sebastian Vettel and girlfriend Hanna Prater are expecting their first child.

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