Vettel: “stuck behind a red car”

Sebastian Vettel was frustrated today with his race as he felt he could have challenged the Brawn GP cars for the victory had it not been for Ferrari’s Felipe Mass and his KERS. Yet another example of how KERS is not improving passing but making it much more difficult. Vettel was clearly quicker in the corners but could never challenge Massa on the straights where the Ferrari pilot used his KERS to stay ahead of the Red Bull of Sebastian Vettel.

I know what you’re going to say; “but Todd, had Vettel had his KERS system in place then it would have allowed him to pass so get off KERS back mate!”. yeah, well look at it this way, coming out of each turn where there is a straight lending the potential for a pass; Vettel and Massa both would have used the KERS at the same moment disallowing Vettel any real advantage. KERS sucks…game, set, match.

One must give Mark Webber mad props for an inspired and terrific drive today. When vettel got hampered by Massa, Webber seized the opportunity and brought the Red Bull to the podium. Just what you want in two teammates.

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