Vettel wins F1’s Grill the Grid with amazing memory of past champions

The final Grill the Grid challenge was a fun one. They were asked to go backward and name the champions for each year. I you haven’t watched it, I won’t spoil it for you but I must admit, I would have done well until the early 80’s where I would have gotten the sequence wrong and the sequence in the early 70’s. I had the names right but the wrong years.

How would you have done? What’s impressive is Seb and Max and their recall of the champions and this was fun because you can see who is a real student of F1 history. Seb was the winner this year in the Grill the Grid competition and these are really fun and good content from F1.

Watch the video here. 

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Wow! I knew he liked his F1 history, but that’s pretty impressive.