Vettel wins Race of Champions title

The 4-time Formula 1 world champion, Sebastian Vettel, has won the 2015 Race of Champions at London’s Olympic Stadium. The German has participated for the last several years but this is his first individual ROC individual title win.

“What the Race Of Champions gives us is a lot of joy. When we were kids starting to race, we did it for pure joy and this sort of event is a good reminder of that. When you close the visor, ultimately victory is still what drives you,” said Vettel.

“We all know this format is very difficult because no one gets much time in the cars so you need to find your rhythm quickly. Today I had the feeling I found it straightaway. It was very cold but it was a great atmosphere so thank you very much to everyone for coming to watch.”

Vettel teamed with fellow F1 driver Nico Hulkenberg for team Germany who was beaten by Team England over the weekend in the ROC Nation’s Cup race but he rallied for the individual title beating Tom Kristensen.

I did like the tweet that James Allen shared on his page from @dextermorgan5 which simply read: Must be down to that Newey designed car. Now that is funny right there.

Hat Tip: JA on F1

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Nice work Seb.
Paul is lucky to have attended the RoC event, it looks like a heap of fun from the youtube clips, wish it was televised here in NZ – maybe next year a kiwi team with Brendan Hartley (WEC champion), plus anyone from Scott Dixon, Hayden Paddon, Mitch Evans, Shaun Van Gisbergen…… potential for a pretty good team ;-)