Vettel’s pass with yellow lights, green flag

The controversy over Sebastian Vettel’s third Driver’s Championship continues as a new video surfaced showing Vettel passing Toro Rosso’s Jean-Eric Vergne when there was a solid yellow light on the steering wheel warning system. The problem with this video is that you can clearly see a marshall waving a green flag in the footage as well.


This controversy over the issue was raised when the BBC’s Andrew Benson announced that Ferrari were looking into the matter and examining video footage. The original issue was a pass that Vettel had placed on Sauber’s Kamui Kobayashi and when stewards reviewed and approved the pass, the new video surfaced as another possible infraction which occurred on lap 4.

I must say that I agree with Adam Cooper on this one. Ferrari must be careful to not leave a stone unturned if there is compelling evidence to show an true infraction but they cannot be too bullish on the issue as the time lapse video above clearly shows a green flag waving. It is my understanding as well that a  marshall waving a flag takes precedent over a steering wheel warning light and if this is the only video Ferrari have to go on, then the case seems relatively closed. But not according to many on Twitter, blogs and forums.

Andrew also makes an important point regarding the timing of the alleged infraction…lap 4. There was ample time and a Safety Car period that would allowed Vettel to easily make up the lost places suffered by any drive-through penalty as the Toro Rosso’s and Michael Schumacher were only ever going to make Vettel’s life easier when charging through the field.

Still, many have different interpretations of the issue. What say you? Was Vettel following the green flag and is the lack of a penalty correct? Should Ferrari continue parsing rules, words and video to try and will Fernando Alonso into the world champion spot? Remember, I am a Ferrari fan and would love nothing else but this seems relatively cut and dried.

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