VIDEO: Alonso says he’s fine

After clouting the wall on the exit of turn three in Barcelona during a testing session, Fernando Alonso spent three days in hospital for what was believed to be a concussion. Of course conspiracy swirled as to what really happened and McLaren’s PR department has been working hard to steer the narrative on what actually did happen.

Regardless, in the fur-flying nature of social media forensics ranging from shadows on car accused as being burn marks to Mr. E placing banana peels on the track, somewhere in all the white noise lies the truth and the truth is that Alonso is out of hospital and recovering which is the best narrative of this entire story. Fernando says it himself:

[vsw id=”pxuVHLjuwkk” source=”youtube” width=”600″ height=”400″ autoplay=”no”]

The video, presumably shot at his home in Spain, suggests a Fernando who was eager to get back in the car for this week’s test but upon medical advice, he’s resting and recovering. better to have a fit Alonso for Australia than a slight dodgy Fernando for testing. It’s also nice to know that McLaren have a fully capable and tidy driver in Kevin Magnussen to complete the testing.


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