Video: Felipe Massa Interview

Often accused of being one of the nicest drivers on the grid and a guy who other drivers enjoy being around, Felipe Massa is a veteran who has achieved a lot in Formula 1 and continues to amass mileage and results due to a reversal of his intention to retire at the end of 2016.

Now racing for Williams, Massa took time to share his thoughts on his career in this very nice interview video series. I do have to say that as much as I like John Hindhaugh, I do find it humorous that a guy that doesn’t particularly care for F1 is doing the VO for the video. 

I’ve met Felipe on several occasions and he’s a terrific guy for sure. This video gives you a brief insight to his career

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Thanks for putting that up Todd, it was nice to be reminded about some of Massa’s highlights and history. I always felt he deserved the 2008 championship, he was a victim of ‘crashgate’, losing that win to Alonso.
I know that Grace thinks he should have retired years ago, but if he goes, there will be no ‘Brazillian nice guy’ on the grid, that’s been a feature since Rubinio in 1993!