VIDEO: Ferrari’s 2016 F1 engine fires up

Ferrari have released a video of their 2016 engine being fired up. I like the blurred video, reminds me of the old movies where they put petroleum jelly on the lens to soften the image…although Ferrari used the whole jar for this one. Wouldn’t want competitors to see behind the curtain of course.

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Richard Bunce

“That’s not a Ferrari engine.”

“THAT’s a Ferrari engine.”

Crocodile Dundee


My favourite era for engine sounds was when turbos were banned first time around in 1989:

Richard Bunce

Then there is the Can Am series engines…


More noise? What’s next? [Teaser] No one finds amusing over contradictory objectives in F1? On one hand they are trying to save money (imposing cost down measures) in what is fundamentally opulent, leisure type of activity, but then they change rules so often that one has to own a bank to pay for it. They are trying to built hybrids to save energy in sport which is inherently energy wasteland. After all those noble (frugal, saving, whatever) movements now they want more noise pollution, as we would not have enough of “it as” is already. Wouldn’t be more effective to… Read more »


I thought someone was making margaritas.


Hey, Arrows F1 car was fired up again a few years ago:

David Hudson

The starter sounds better than the enginE.