VIDEO: Formula 1 is saving babies!

We often talk about the road car relevancy of Formula One and how innovation in the series, via constructors/teams, often translates to our the production cars we drive every day. While there is nothing wrong with the innovative process of taking technology, engineering and design from Formula 1 to the road car, I’ve often felt that this is limiting F1’s scope of what it can bring back to society as a whole.

Formula 1 may be the most advanced form of racing int eh world and an example of extreme mobility but the technological innovation the springs forth is mind boggling as well. Sure, today’s aerodynamic design may not have a lot to do with your Mazda 6 or Fiat Panda but it does teach designers how to work with the materials and concepts. The same can be said of the electronics deployed in F1 and the data harvested.

McLaren is no stranger to providing electronics for racing. As the supplier of the ECU for all teams in F1, McLaren Electronic Systems also provide systems for NASCAR and many other racing series around the world. They also may just be saving babies.

McLaren Electronic Ssystems managing director, Peter van Manen, recently shared how the company is helping save the lives of young patients in a new TED video:

[vsw id=”Ht2fzax9wV0″ source=”youtube” width=”600″ height=”400″ autoplay=”no”]

I think you’ll agree that perhaps F1’s appeal can be far greater than helping define the new gearbox on your Mercedes SLS Black. It can actually save lives and help give back to society while entertaining us at the same time.

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