Video Report: Jim Russell Racing School- Audi Sportscar Experience

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I recently had the opportunity to attend the Jim Russel Racing Drivers School for the Audi Sportscar Experience in November. As a guest, I thought I would take a recorder and video camera along for the event. The Jim Russell Championship Series was winding up that weekend and what better way to get the sites, sounds and ear of some very talented young men. You can see that report here:

Jim Russell Racing Drivers school

While I am certainly no epic producer with unlimited movie budgets, I thought I would put together a very simple travelogue that included my video and audio experience. I hope you will find it interesting but most importantly it should give you some insight to the School and the experience. If you are planning on attending a racing school or manufacturers driving experience, this may be a video to watch.

Enjoy and be sure to check out the Jim Russell Racing Drivers School as well as the Audi Sportscar Experience.

Both programs were terrific and keep and eye out for the Jim Russell Future Driver program featuring Audi’s Allan McNish as the Chairman of the Judges for the program. McNish will award two individuals the opportunity to battle it out for a fully funded prize drive in the 2011 FIA Formula Two Championship.


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