VIDEO: Ricciardo on Baku…and hundreds of strategies

When you think that the team on the pit wall and in the garage are calculating race strategy in real time, then you have a phalanx of folks back at the factory also running race strategy scenarios in real time, you start to get the idea of just how complicated a Formula 1 race can be.

Add unknowns like safety cars and other mechanical issues and you’ve got a serious soup of mind-numbing strategy scenarios to consider. Then there is the driver. For Daniel Ricciardo, he isn’t just driving, he’s thinking and processing his execution based on the planned strategy as well as funning plan B and alternate race strategy scenarios in his head as well. If A, then B. If B, then C.

This Mobile 1 video has a nice interview with F1’s most recent race winner, Daniel Ricciardo, about his win last year in Baku…which happens to be the next race on our calendar.

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Great link thanks Todd.
We get a bit of ‘selected’ radio communication between the Team and driver during a race, but there must be a huge amount of quite detailed information going to the driver and car, that we don’t see or hear, for the Team to be able to significantly affect how the car and driver actually execute these rapidly changing strategies.
Or maybe the work of 100 strategists really can be summarised as “push hard now, close him down and kill him” ;-)