VIDEO: Schumacher GP 2 test Session

Michael Schumacher’s GP 2 test did experience some foul weather but according to the German, it was a successful series of laps and that they were able to achieve a performance that matched the maximum the GP 2 could deliver. This is key to certainly the desire was to test the 7-time world champion’s neck injury and re-acclimate him to the forces of an open-wheel formula car.

Key to the test also was the presence of Schumacher’s new Mercedes GP engineer. Learning to communicate between driver and engineer is crucial in F1 and the two-way communication has to be learned. The terms each person uses, the kinds of feedback provided and the nuances of how each feels about the car and what is possible all has to be worked out. In short, the engineer has to learn the drivers lexicon and nuance and vice versa.

Check out the video of the test:

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