VIDEO: Williams F1 garage fire in Spain

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It was supposed to be a great celebration for Williams F1 having just clinched their first race victory since 2004 with Juan Pablo Montoya at the wheel. Pastor Maldonado gave the team something to cheer about and celebrate but that celebration was immediately muted when a fire broke out int eh williams F1 garage. We’ve mentioned some of the details here so I won’t regurgitate them but I wanted to share a few videos of the fire.

I have to commend the Williams team members for their efforts in putting out the fire as well as many members from other teams who jumped in with fire extinguishers to help manage the fire (you can see this in these videos). These are not professional firemen but they are trained in these situations. When things don’t happen with regularity, you tend to get rusty on your skills but many of these men and women put themselves in very dangerous positions without the proper fire retardent gear or equipment to help stop the fire and it shows a tremendous amount of determination, grit and dedication these men and women have.

While we have reports of injuries and even serious burns, I don’t want to marginalize the severity of the situation but without the quick thinking and action of this team and many others, things could have gotten a whole lot worse. Bravo to Williams F1 and their peers for the dangerous work in helping put out the fire.


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