Vietnam Circuit to get additional turn

The Hanoi Circuit initially featured 22 turns in its effort to replicate the iconic circuits such as Suzuka, Monaco and Nurburgring.

Creating a street circuit isn’t the easiest of efforts as you have existing infrastructure and buildings to weave around. Following an assessment, the final section of the lap has been reconfigured, with a 23rd corner added and the track widened by around 15m.


So where before the final two corners were previously a quick left followed by a much tighter left, the track now winds further to the right before a tight left followed by another more open left.

After re-profile

“In the course of building our new track, and carrying out geographical assessments, we have adjusted Turn 22 and added Turn 23 in consultation with Formula 1 and the FIA,” said Le Ngoc Chi, CEO of the Vietnam Grand Prix Corporation.

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So it’s a counter-clockwise circuit? Not a racer but I see 3 places to pass here.


DRS Straight, DRS Straight and DRS Straight? XD That wavy bit on the back looks fun to drive, but should prove impossible for passing.