Villeneuve backs up on Stefan GP talk

According to ITV quoting Speed TV, Canadian Jacques Villeneuve has backed up a tad on the recent reports that he is in line for a seat at the formed-but-not-placed Stefan GP team for 2010. With all of the perplexing determination and financial expenditures that Serbian businessman Zoran Stefanovic has put in to building a team with no entry in 2010, one can assume that he has been secretly given the nod.

Stefanovic even went as far as telling the world that he was very close to sealing a deal for the sporadic driving services of Villeneuve in a recent article at AUTOSPORT. Not so fast…

“I had a chat some time ago with Stefanovic just to find out where everything was at,” Villeneuve told

“It was not about everything that has been written recently, it was prior to that. I’m not involved directly with anything.”

While JV is coy about it, he also has to impression that this team is a real team with real potential:

“If it happened I would be very interested because it looks like a serious outfit,” he said.

“If they are allowed in, seeing how he’s been talking and moving forward even though he didn’t have an entry, he is quite serious in getting the thing going.

“He’s done more than some teams with licences.”

“The Toyota car wasn’t a bad car last year, and it has been developed,” he said.

“It would definitely be ahead of all the other new cars.

“Now the problem is they won’t get any testing, they won’t get anything, which is a bit problematic. But a good base is always a good base.

“So it wouldn’t be a bad proposition – it would be exciting enough to work on.”

I also appreciate the slight beat down on USF1 in the statement as well. Why sound too excited about it now that the Serbian team is starting to get some heat for being “vultures” by Ferrari and suffering from a backlash of their carion-eating nature preying on the new teams failure? Then again, it is the only potential ride left in F1 and JV needs a job…really needs a job.

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