Virtual Safety Car set to launch in 2015

The FIA is set to introduce the Virtual Safety Car system in 2015 after a meeting with teams and discussions with drivers following a series of tests starting at the USGP in Austin this year.

The VSC is a bi-product of the horrible accident at the Japanese Grand Prix in which Marussia driver, Jules Bianchi, was critically injured during a safety car period. The FIA have tested the system and taken feedback from teams and drivers and as AUTOSPORT reveals, it is set to begin more testing during pre-season test sessions for launch in 2015:

“Most of the drivers preferred the VSC approach, because [with the single sector] they were concerned about braking from high speed down to the slow speed limit.

“Some drivers were worried they might not see it, and some drivers were worried they might see it too late. And these large differences of speed could cause some difficulties.

“Plus, the fact that there was not a specific line on the track to show drivers where it started could give rise to endless penalties.

“Overall, everyone prefers the VSC approach.”

What do you think of the VSC? Can you see any factors that would make the system less effective or are there circumstances in which it could be more confusing or dangerous? Or is this simply a system who’s time has come and tragically for Jules, too late.


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