Wait…did Bernie get married? I was supposed to be best man!

If it’s in the Sun it has to be true right? The Sun says that Formula One boss Bernie Ecclestone was married in a quiet, private ceremony to Fabiana Flosi, 35, at “Le Lion £23million Swiss ski chalet in exclusive resort Gstaad”.

Now this is a bit disappointing if I’m honest, as I was hoping to be the best man. After all, the Sun says his daughters weren’t there and it would have been nice to have a tall person as a groomsman to balance the photos. He also could have used a nice best man speech that talks about his funny moments in the past and waxes poetic about their future..she’s 46 years younger so she has quite a future ahead of her. I would have thought I would have made a nice addition to the guest list and would have added some ecorum and civility to the proceedings. I have stated my availability to be the best man here at F1B and I even have a signed copy of a Senna Poster for him as a wedding gift.

I have a tuxedo so that shouldn’t have been the problem and I am not sure why I wasn’t on the list suffice to say perhaps that it may have something to do with his not knowing me. That, my friends, may be the biggest shame of all. Anyway, time moves on and if the Sun is pulling this completely from their backside then Ms. Flosi has done well in her rise from Brazilian race marketer to wife of racing boss. I’m sure she’s a delightful women and we know Mr. E is a delightful man. Good match then. Oh well, maybe next time Mr. E…give me a call.

If the Sun did pull this out of their arse, then we can rest assured that the weeding hasn’t taken place and Mr. E’s eye hasn’t been taken off the ball regarding the Concorde Agreement and things are moving in the right direction…either way, it’s a good story to post just so our British friends can kick the Sun in the jewels.

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