Wait…did Lewis just win the title?

This past weekend I watched Lewis Hamilton win the Malaysian Grand Prix. No one is more elated to see Lewis shed the troubles of the past and come out so focused, determined and dominant than I was. He’s back in the hunt and proved that Australia’s DNF was merely a mechanical issue that is easily overcome.

Today I was reading some of the race reports and this story over at Sky Sports F1 sums up much of the British presses over-the-moon adulation for what, to me, appeared as a race victory in comprehensive fashion much like his teammate, Nico Rosberg, did in Australia.

Reading some of the comments from Fleet Street, you would think Lewis secured the championship such was his dominance and morale-killing performance on Sunday. I have a bad memory but I’m pretty sure Sebasitan Vettel, Nico Rosberg, Fernando Alonso and Kimi Raikkonen are not stunned into submission. I don’t think anything Lewis did on Sunday has the top drivers quite as galvanized as the press would suggest.

Sure, Lewis is British and the media have been calling for his Schumacher-eclipsing domination of F1 since he entered the sport back in 2007. A quarter of the way through his first year, you’d have thought that he had already sewn up two titles by the way they were glowing about Lewis.

I have little room to talk because we don’t even have an American driver on the grid but I can say resolutely that if we did, I would not be ascribing victories, titles and accolades to him/her prior to them earning it.

Lewis is a very talented driver and a world champion. He could win a second title this year but we’ll have to wait and see how this all plays out. I’m elated for Lewis and happy that British fans are ecstatic about his return to form but let’s have some perspective here folks. Both Lewis and Nico didn’t miss the fact that Vettel was standing on the podium with them and this is a team who couldn’t complete three laps a few weeks ago.

“There is a line on Lewis Hamilton’s fastidiously decorated helmet – taken from the American poet and author Maya Angelou – which reads “Still I Rise”,” The Guardian wrote. “But for Nico Rosberg and the other Formula 1 drivers who trail in his phosphorescent wake there should be another message: Mind The Gap. The letters should be very large, and placed on the back of the helmet.”

Really? I hope they’re right but I think we should wait and see, don’t you? Maybe Williams F1’s Felipe Massa will come roaring back to claim that missing title from 2008 from Lewis on the last lap of a double points race…nah, just kidding.

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