Was Ron forced out?

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I’ve argued that the next horizon on Ron Dennis’s task list was the automotive division of McLaren. This has been planned for some time but the timing of Ron’s announcement was not planned. I felt Ron was falling on a sword to keep Lewis Hamilton, and more importantly Anthony Hamilton, placated. Here is an interesting article at the Daily Mail that seeks to understand just who forced Ron Dennis out of the McLaren.

The animosity came to a head over the recent cheating scandal. Hamilton was accused of lying to the stewards over an overtaking incident with Toyota’s Jarno Trulli in the closing laps of the Australian Grand Prix. His father, and he, blamed the team. They meant Dennis as much as anyone, and the inference could be that he had instructed Hamilton — and Dave Ryan, the now sacked sporting director — to fabricate evidence.

Hamilton Snr phoned Mosley. They had leverage and a common goal: Dennis must go. Whitmarsh was brought onside, perhaps irked by Dennis’s presence, despite the notion he had supposedly given over hands-on responsibility to him. There was also the influence of Mercedes who, with a 40 per cent stake, are McLaren’s biggest shareholders. With Spygate and the accompanying £100million fine fresh in the
memory from two years ago, they were alarmed at the thought of their reputation being dragged into the headlines again so soon.


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