Webber admits he was wrong to air his complaints about Red Bull

Mark Webber is taking the high road and admitting that, while he was undoubtedly unhappy about team mate Sebastian Vettel getting the upgraded wing at the British Grand Prix, he should have kept his feelings a bit quieter — and within the team.

Webber makes the not-quite mea culpa to the Daily Mail:

‘But it’s a fair admission that I put too much out to the world. I would have liked it not to have got out. But it did.

‘I wear my heart on my sleeve and I try to be honest to myself and everyone, and I’m being honest with you.

‘I don’t want any favouritism; just a fair deal. You need to make sure you don’t have any headwinds. You can’t afford anything that makes it a little bit harder for you.

‘On Saturday I was obviously a bit hot under the collar with what was going on. It was a unique situation because it was the first time we had just one component. It was a tricky decision to make. I was pretty disappointed by it.

‘But the upshot is that it will go the other way in the future – it just will, even if that’s hard for people to believe. He was given the wing because he was higher in the championship than me. Now I am higher, so you can follow the logic.’

A stand-up guy, as always, it seems.

I’d encourage you to take a look at the full Daily Mail story. It includes some tidbits on his start, coming to England from Australia, as well as this:

He still has a steel pin screwed in through the length of his shin bone. After two winters of surgery, he has decided the metalwork will stay in until he calls time on his career at the end of next season or the one after.

There’s also plenty of colorful language from Mark (redacted, of course).

It all does still beg the question: Is Webber doing enough to get that fair shake he wants from Red Bull? Do you think this apology will help or hurt him?

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