Webber: Alonso has good chance to win title

If you were looking fora  good endorsement, then Mark Webber is about as good as it gets. Fernando Alonso lost his lead in the Formula One World Driver’s Championship two weeks ago tot Webber’s teammate, Sebastian Vettel. The Red Bull duo have taken the fight to Ferrari’s Alonso with a car that has seen significant performance improvements.

That doesn’t mean Alonso’s year is over and according to Webber, the Spaniard still have a good chance of winning the title:

“I think Alonso has a good chance of winning the title. He had a couple of tough races like Suzuka (Japan) where he lost points.

But with four races to go both Sebastian and Alonso have many points left to bag. It is still very open,” said Webber at a promotional event here.

“Both of them have had a tough time but they have been very consistent too. Anything can happen. We could have a wet race in Brazil. It’s not over till it is over.” said Webber.

The question could be, will McLaren have enough to upset the apple cart? IF the remaining races come down to a fight between Ferrari and Red Bull, then any McLaren win or even finish position ahead of a Ferrari or Red Bull could impact the championship. A simple DNF from Vettel in one of the remaining races could put Alonso back on top as long as Webber or a McLaren isn’t there to steal to position.

Webber’s not always claimed to be the biggest friend of his teammate, Vettel.  The Australian had his own championship going a few months ago when it looked like he would be Red Bull’s real challenger for 2012. That have since changed and now Vettel is the man of the moment with Webber choking on his current position as playing second fiddle to Vettel.

Time will always tell but it should make for a good end of the season and the new Circuit of the Americas is a complete unknown to all the teams as far as strategy, tire compounds, setup and outcomes.

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