Webber claims air is clear at Red Bull; points leader will get preference

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Red Bull and Mark Webber have cleared the air concerning the “wing controversy” at the British Grand Prix, the Australian driver says on a posting at his website.

And he writes this, which I think is the key bit:

We’ve already debriefed the race weekend at the factory and have cleared the air. It’s now understood that, should we face this unlikely dilemma again, preference will go to the championship points leader.

That’s pretty straight-forward and simple now, isn’t it? I wonder if it will hold, of course. (It might be worth pointing out that right now Webber does lead Sebastian Vettel in that hunt.)

Here’s more from Webber:

Sebastian received the newer front wing for reasons which were not clearly explained to me until Saturday late afternoon. Obviously I can see why a team may at certain points have to favour a driver with more points in the championship, if there are only enough resources to fully support one of us.


Of course things get said in the heat of the moment which, with hindsight goggles on, probably shouldn’t have been said. Formula One is a highly charged and fiercely competitive arena where emotions and adrenalin do run high from time to time like in many sports and my comment on the radio after the race was an example of Australian sarcasm – either at its best or worst depending on how you choose to take it.


Christian Horner and I have known each other for many years; we’re friends and have a strong mutual respect which continues and extends to other activities, such as our GP3 team and interest in finding and nurturing young racing talent.


The respect within the team extends to the drivers. I know I have a very good driver as a team-mate and I wouldn’t want it any other way. We share information freely in team meetings and contribute to the development and improvement of our cars. Seb and I are not enemies, we’re just two drivers that are pushing hard and want to do the best for ourselves and the team, it’s as simple as that.
The British Grand Prix was a wonderful result for myself and the team; however time moves fast and looking in the mirror for too long doesn’t prepare us for Germany. We’ve moved on.

My first thought is: So what happens if at, say, Spa, the team has one new upgrade and Webber still is ahead of Vettel? Will the German driver be OK with the arrangement?

It also is a bit hard to imagine that some feelings won’t linger. That’s just human nature. But I’m also pretty sure everyone at Red Bull realizes that there won’t be any championships if they don’t pull together.

Pretty solid piece of PR, though. Other F1 drivers might want to look up Mark’s people (or maybe Mark will have a heck of a career post-driving as a manager/PR person).


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