Webber: F1 driver, biker, mouthpiece and Medic?

Is there no end to the talent of Mark Webber?  The guy is a tidy F1 driver and avid cyclist.  A GPDA former President and mouthpiece/spokesperson for the driver’s perspective in journalists circles.It seems Mark is also good at providing first aid to those in need.  In what amounts to a “great job mate” moment for Mark, he assisted a friend who was hit by a car while cycling with Mark and Lance Armstrong.  There’s no secret that i have been critical of Mark int he past and I probably will be again but I must admit that I have come to like to guy.  Not because he has finally won the title or dominates on the track.  More to the point; I like the guy for who he is.  Mark has proven to be genuine and that is not always an easy thing to find in Formula 1.

“I held his arm up because he was losing lots of blood,” he told ITV Sport‘s Goodman.

“In fact I got covered in blood myself.

“It seemed like an eternity before the ambulance turned up, even though it was only about 20 minutes.

“I even rang the team down in Monaco to see if they could send somebody on a scooter to help us do some first aid.”

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