Webber: F1 weaker than it’s ever been

One of the endearing things about Mark Webber is his ability to speak his mind and sum up a situation succinctly when other drivers may orbit the issues, speak around it or sometimes engage in ham-fisted rhetoric. Mark is genuine article and dearly missed on the Formula 1 grid.

Would it be fair to suggest that Mark may not be missing the F1 grid? Perhaps because his life outside the sport is with Porsche and their WEC program which is producing some of the world’s best racing at the moment.

In an interesting interview at the BBC, Mark says that F1 has never been weaker. The cars are miles away from what the drivers truly want and while it isn’t easier to win a title now versus ten years ago, it isn’t the same and it’s not just fans losing interest.

Take a listen:

Is he right? Does Mark share your concerns as well as the drivers over F1’s ills?

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Idiotic comment. Just because some one has left F1 doesn’t mean they are not entitled to an opinion. It’s not a street gang.


Well I am an idiot, so I said what an idiot would say,but this guy is a cry baby,who need a nipple to cry on.

Paul KieferJr

Easy there, hoss. Decorum and civility.


Easy?? I am free to say what I wish,and I did..If I have a girlfriend and I walk uot on her,I never look back,but move on to something better.If he is happier where he is, then shut up,and go drive you La Mans Peach.

Paul KieferJr

We don’t necessarily disagree with what you said. We just disagree with your method of saying it. We don’t flame, we don’t do personal attacks, etc. Them’s the rules. Your opinion boils down to “I would rather remain silent and make a clean break from where I was”, and that’s fine. Some folks would rather speak of where they came from and how things should be, since they are speaking from experience. It’s entirely possible that there is something valueable that could improve where they came from. I’d certainly welcome that bit of information. They may not. We’ll see how… Read more »


I think attacking mark webber is fair (within reason). He is a f1 public figure expressing an informed opinion. Discussing the merit of that expert opinion is pretty much all the layman can do in response.

Attacking a f1B member? Another story.


Got your point,don’t necessarily agree with you.


Someone needs a cookie.

Paul KieferJr

I’ll see if I can dig up some chocolate chip. :D


Have any oatmeal butterscotch chip?

Paul KieferJr

Sorry, don’t have any of that. :(


For your information, I for one am not suffering from dyslexia. So keep the caps-lock to yourself, moron.


He’s right. The formula right now, especially with regards to the power unit, is a contrivance. It is not a formula that has developed organically, but was mandated by suits in a boardroom who likely have never sat in a cockpit or turned a wrench. If the have, it’s been decades and they’ve forgotten that innovative solutions are the heart and soul of motorsport. Unleash the engineers and allow the sport to return to innovative, exotic, and inspiring spectacle that it used to be.


While I like the current power unit specification, I completely agree that they need to lift the restrictions on development. The sport needs to look attractive to manufacturers. Seeing Renault and Honda failing is not encouraging. Having Pirelli make tires for, without access to, current cars is ridiculous. I understand that this is the result of decades of rule bending but something needs to be done.

Tom Firth

Mark is not missing F1. He’s got a book out this week, he’s just come off the back of his first win in the WEC, he’s got the best car in the series, his teams committed probably till the end of his career as a professional racing driver, to LMP1 and if he wants to race after that, it’s freaking Porsche! Isn’t a lot from a public perspective not to smile about in the world of Webber right about now. F1 is missing Mark though, and it’s not only missing him unfortunately, his depth of the field comment was interesting,… Read more »


” see what Mark means about pay drivers and I do think a lack of personalities in the intensely PR driven F1 culture, hurts the series.” There’s a great deal of self-censorship by drivers due to money and compensation and the idea of “don’t rock the boat.” I’ve seen it time and time again in driver interviews (notably Button last year, but basically most of the drivers are PR-trained to issue corporate-approved pablum when being interviewed). That’s why is such a breath of fresh air when someone like Kimi speaks the unvarnished truth, or Vettel curses Pirelli tires in live… Read more »


Mark is always right. Mark is God. Mark is Life.
All hail the Webber.


“Mark” my word,he is always wrong..and he ain’t God.


I dont miss whining failure mark webber. Charm and a chin do not a good racing driver make. He failed to capitalize on having the best car on the grid for nearly a half-decade and has been in a constant state of sour grapes since about 2012. Good riddance.


I’m going to Fuji WEC next month, and I didn’t go to a single F1 event this year – nor will I so long as it remains Formula H(ybrid). Admittedly, that may mean “never.” Mercedes, Claire Williams, and possibly Renault are determined that the sport needs to cater to the “next generation.” Good luck with that. They’ll need to ban all conventional turbo and NA vehicles from FH(ybrid) events so as to avoid any spectator comparison of regular engines and the pathetic hybrid “power units.” There’s an interview over on crash.net with McLaren’s Eric Boullier. From his comments it seems… Read more »

Chuck Voelter

I’m (almost) certainly going to the Lone Star Le Mans here at COTA next weekend as I can take my little boy and get near the cars, etc. But I’ll still be going to F1 weekend. People seem to keep coming from around the globe for the race, I would guess that many of them don’t know from hybrid/turbo/NA cars, etc. The race is only part of the event.


I saw this article pop up after you made this post that quoted him as saying the f1 field, as in driver skill, was what is weak now