Webber has revelation

File this story in the “I had a revelation about my career” folder. Mark Webber has announced he wants a long-term deal with Red Bull and sees know reason to drive anywhere else. This is the magic moment when you realize that at 32 you’re not going to get a McLaren or Ferrari ride and that your long-term future is looking limited. If you will recall, these words were almost verbatim to David Coulthard’s when he joined Red Bull.

That cliff-edge moment of knowing when to stay put and when what you have is better than any other alternative. Let us hope for MArk’s sake; he continues to impress.

“I am happy with Red Bull and I hope Red Bull will be happy with me,” the Australian is quoted as saying by redbulletin.com.

“If I keep my consistency and get everything out of the car, I will have no worries for the future,” Webber claims.

“I plan to stay on with Red Bull long-term. In fact, I do not see me working with any other team.”

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