Webber: I’m not retiring

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Mark Webber has responded to rumors — apparently fueled mostly by Lewis Hamilton — of his pending retirement by saying: “I’m very motivated, enjoying my job and looking forward to a great season, it is the way I have approached every year. I have no intention of retiring, give or take whatever season I have.”

So there, Lewis.

You’ll recall Hamilton floated the idea earlier in the week, though whether he was baited into it by the press was hard to determine. What wasn’t hard to determine, as F1B readers pointed out, was that Lewis easily could have said: “Don’t know, mate. Ya gonna have to ask Mark.”

Eventually, the press did. And if Lewis’ strategy was to get Mark thinking of something other than the race (as others at F1B suggested), well.. mission accomplished?

Webber, according to the official Formula 1 site, wasn’t bothered by Hamilton’s loose lips: “It’s Lewis’ opinion and he is free to have it and I don’t have a problem with what he said. I’m happy driving for the guys I’m driving for, it’s a good situation and I’m looking forward to it.”

What the F1 story is missing is this question to Lewis: “Why’d you say Mark was thinking of retiring?”

I’d love to hear the answer.


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