Webber: KERS could penalize heavier drivers

In F1 the word “heavier” is contextual as all of these pilots are very lean but What Mark Webber means is the more weight a driver has the less ballast the team can play with or move for the best balance of the car. You may recall Robert Kubica losing serious weight in order to give them more ballast and weight distribution.

KERS is estimated to weigh 25-60 Kilograms and this will reduce the amount of weight or ballast a heavier person could rely upon. Mark even suggests he may lose some of that advantage with the KERS system on board.

“It’s an unusual situation,” said Webber. “I’ve not really suffered because of weight since karting, but next year could be the first time since the 1980s that guys that are heavier are penalised by it.”

You can see the full story here at Autosport.

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