Webber: Lance Armstrong ‘treated us like idiots’

As I mentioned here, Red Bull’s Mark Webber is no stranger to speaking his mind. He refuted earlier criticisms from Helmut Marko and he even found time to write a scathing post for the BBC about Lance Armstrong. why lash out at a cyclist? That’s because Webber is an avid cyclist himself. Webber told the BBC:

“I think what’s staggering to everyone is the amount of people he was prepared to take out on the way up; people who were morally on the right side of the bridge. He wasn’t worried about the ramifications and the position he may have put these people in; it was all about Planet Lance.

That’s why, Lance, using your words, the “death” penalty isn’t too heavy. You rubbed a lot of people’s noses in it for so long and treated the rest of us like idiots.

Whenever I think of Armstrong now, I think of the clean cyclists who competed in the system Armstrong was fuelling week in, week out.

We’ll never know but some of them on their day could have challenged the likes of Armstrong, Ivan Basso, Jan Ullrich, Alexander Vinokourov, Alberto Contador, Richard Virenque and so on. Sadly, we don’t even know their names but in my reckoning they’re morally streets ahead of those guys.

Life is full of choices. Sure, none of us are perfect, but ultimately karma always triumphs”.

Mark spent time with Lance and really looked up to him as an athlete and was in awe of the challenges he faced and what he overcame. It’s no wonder he is as gutted as many other about the situation. Whether or not you are angry at Armstrong, it’s always a difficult situation to really respect and look up to someone only to find they have been less than genuine. As Mark says, we all make mistakes but living a lie will always eat you up inside…in time.

As for doping in Formula One? Mark does a good job of outlining what the regimen is so go over at take a look at his column…it’s his last column for BBC unfortunately.

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