Webber: Marko has agenda…I’m not on it

The thing I like about Mark Webber, besides his performance behind the wheel, is his straight talk in the paddock. Mark says what he thinks and that’s refreshing. We often get excited when drivers speak plainly and without prejudice to political correctness but I, for one, think it’s a missing element in Formula One.

A recent issue of the Red Bulletin didn’t stop Red Bull Racing executive, Helmut Marko, from speaking his mind about Webber so Mark has taken to his website to share his thoughts on the right-hand man of Red Bull owner Dietrich Mateschitz:

“Look, everyone at this level has their own agendas and it’s been evident for a long time now that I’ve never been a part of Marko’s.”

Webber could have waxed poetic and produced a statement that was conciliatory but the fact is, this is how he feels and truth be known, it’s most likely more true than Marko’s commentary of Webber’s performance and mental acuteness.

Webber says the final surgery on his knee to remove a metal rod (an injury sustained in a biking accident in 2008) was completed in early December and he has made a terrific recovery and is ready for the season…and we’re ready for Mark to keep sharing his opinion on the 2013 season.

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