Webber penalized 10-places, Alonso reprimanded for ride

Red Bull’s Mark Webber did not finish the Singapore Grand Prix. In fact, he stopped on the last lap at turn seven with a dying car. There are some moments in Formula 1 history that always remain in the minds of fans and when one driver gives another driver a lift back to the pit area, it shows a human element and camaraderie in the sport that many believe barely exists. What better way to reward those heart-warming moments? Why penalize the two drivers for their actions which will results in a 10-place grid penalty for Webber.

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Ferrari’s Fernando Alonso recognized that his friend, Webber, was stranded and slowed to pick him up when Mark waved him over on the cool-down lap. Alonso was reprimanded for creating a dangerous situation by his driving antics and Webber was reprimanded for entering the track without a Marshal’s approval. The rules say via Sky Sports F1:

“Any driver who receives three reprimands in the same Championship season will, upon the imposition of the third, be given a ten grid place penalty at that Event,”

“If the third reprimand is imposed following an Incident during a race the ten grid place penalty will be applied at the driver’s next Event. The ten grid place penalty will only be imposed if at least two of the reprimands were imposed for a driving infringement.”

Unfortunately Mark has been a bad boy this year and already had two reprimands earlier this season (collision with Rosberg in the British GP and not slowing enough under yellow flags in Canada). This means that he’ll start in Korea 10 places back from where he actually qualifies.

It is the rules and while I hate the fact that Mark was penalized so severely, you have to follow the rules. Should F1 take a look at the act of giving rides? They already have and they’ve deemed them dangerous. F1 drivers do get a lift back to the pits from track officials but then they leave the confines of the F1 world and wade into the dodgy world of fans, track marshals and other folks the driver may not want to chat up and sign autographs for. It’s easier to get a lift straight back to the pits and right into your team’s garage.

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