Webber ‘results’ will dictate future in F1

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There were a series of rumors making the rounds a few weeks ago in Formula One about a possible link between Ferrari and Mark Webber. The rumor was being fueled by the fact that current Ferrari driver Felipe Massa was having a bad start tot he season and Webber was on a year-to-year contract with Red Bull so his availability was well known.

According to Webber, via Autosprint, Ferrari aren’t speaking with him about a possible move to the Italian team for 2013:

“There’s been nothing up to now,” Webber said. “I have no offers from Ferrari. I know people were talking a lot about that, at least until Felipe had a good weekend in Monte Carlo. But if it was all true, then Ferrari would need to field eight cars next year! That’s not possible, as there are just two cars.

“They may keep Felipe, or they may change, that’s the only true option. I suppose they do talk about that in the team, but they aren’t talking about that with me.”

With a driver like Sergio Perez in the wings at Ferrari, I am not sure how Webber’s appointment at the Scuderia would make a lot of sense but sufice to say, Webber is not sure what he’ll be doing for 2013:

“The situation depends on the results I get this year,” he told Autosprint. “They’ve been very inconsistent this year. Up to the Monaco GP I hadn’t even been on the podium, then I won. But qualifying has so far gone very well for me.

“As far as I’m concerned, I’m driving very well, and I see no difference with last year’s situation. Obviously there’s plenty of people who would like to come to Red Bull, but the question we have to ask ourselves is: does the team really want to change?

“For sure that’s a question for Christian [Horner] and Adrian [Newey]. And for Dietrich [Mateschitz] and Helmut [Marko]. Let’s see what happens. I can only control what I do and so far I think I have done that very well.”

 “At the moment I don’t have a contract for next year, just like at this time last year and just like the year before that. My agreements are only valid from one season to the next one, and at each expiry we have never really gone on the market, in the sense that in the end we have always renewed with Red Bull.

“Let’s see how it ends up, but it can be the same again this year. That’s what I mean, we don’t need to go on the market because results speak for themselves.”

Results certainly do speak for themselves.



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