Webber Says Hamilton Is No Schumacher

Mark Webber and I have had our moments of disagreement. Well, actually I have disagreed with Webbo, he doesn’t even know I exist but be that as it may.

I think Mark has said, as he usually does, a very concise and clear description of the Hamilton mania. Mike Gascoyne has as well. Per GMM (by the way, these folks do a great job):

“When he wins the championship, then he’s got six more to win before he can be compared to Schumacher,” Webber added.

“Yeah, he had a great first year. It was extraordinary what he did. But great sports stars are measured by longevity. Pele, Steffi Graf, whoever.

“Also, his career has gone off like a rocket ship, but it won’t always be like that.”

Webber also thinks the press is still fixated on that fact that Hamilton is F1’s first black driver.

“That’s got a shelf life. He won’t stop being black but it will stop being a novelty,” he said.

Similarly, Force India’s technical boss Mike Gascoyne is reserved when he assesses Hamilton’s 2007.

“He did have a double world champion alongside him,” the Briton told Racer magazine, referring to Fernando Alonso.

“Would he have won as many races with another rookie alongside? I don’t think he would,” Gascoyne added.

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