Webber says new DRS rules ‘good’

The season hasn’t started yet but that won’t stop us from talking about the Drag Reduction System or DRS. The new 2013 regulations only allow for DRS use in pre-determined DRS zones (just like 2012’s restrictions during the race) for all session including qualifying. That’s better news but still not quite what I had in mind about tweaking the system so its either out of the sport or reduced to a point of equity across all teams, drivers and cars.

Red Bull’s Mark WEbber seems to like the new format, however, and that’s good news. He’s a straight-forward kind of guy and he feels the new restrictions will make more sense:

“I think it’s good,” said Webber. “The drivers have been pushing for it for quite a while, just to have the DRS in the sections where we have it in the race in qualifying.

“It didn’t really make any sense for the teams, the drivers and the fans to run on Friday and Saturday with the DRS open. It just adds a bit more risk, and when we can manage that a bit better then why not?

“I think all the teams are happy now, they can get their gearing right to make it still worthwhile to have the DRS.”

I agree with him in that the teams will now be able to approach a weekend with a more consistent set-up and gearing ration that is really focused on Sundays. There are always small adjustments that can be made to the race and qualifying and I applaude the recent changes in DRS…now if they will sort the rest of the issues with it out, I would be happy.

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