Your View: Webber says no Ferrari deal…should there be?

While the Massa saga continues in the forums, blogs and opinion pieces of Formula One, reports of a possible link between the Italian team and Australian Mark Webber surfaced this week compliments of Spain’s El Confidential and like most rumors, tended to spread rapidly to the point that Webber himself addressed the issue. ESPN has the story:

“There’s a whole season ahead of us before we need to think about the future. One day the talk is about Jenson [Button joining Ferrari], then it’s Sergio, now it’s me. I haven’t signed anything,” ESPNF1 quoted Webber as saying.

“My focus is on this team. We have had a good start to the season, we’re only four races down and the road is very, very long before we start talking about the future.”

So Webber to Ferrari or Sergio Perez? James Allen says that Perez isn’t ready for Ferrari yet and makes a case for Webber saying:

“Webber has been on Ferrari’s radar for a number of reasons; he gets on well with Fernando Alonso and is liked by Stefano Domenicali and others, he’s uncomplicated and he’s fast. He also has a lot of experience and solid engineering understanding, both of which Ferrari prize.

Many people assume that Sergio Perez is the natural choice for the Ferrari team, as he has been groomed by them in much the same way that Felipe Massa was. His berth at Sauber is part of that time-honoured process, and Perez is also a member of the Ferrari Driver Academy. However the Mexican still has a lot to prove. He is only 22 and has only one year’s worth of experience and it is not Ferrari’s way to sign drivers without quite a lot more experience than that.”

You agree with James? Is Webber a better fit?

For my money, and with all due respect to James as an accredited journalist and professional in the paddock, I think Ferrari would go for Perez as they have Alonso and having a youthful driver in the #2 car may not be that big of a gamble for them but that’s just my hunch, what’s yours?

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