Webber: Surgery before Germany

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Mark Webber, as you may recall, was involved in a biking accident last winter in which he broke his leg. The leg needed anchoring screws to help the healing process. Mark says those screws get to come out during the 30week break prior to the next Grand Prix in Germany.

“I’m having the two locking screws at the bottom of my right shin taken out,” the Red Bull driver said after finishing second in Sunday’s British Grand Prix.

Webber, 32, said the main titanium rod is staying put.

“The bone has recovered sufficiently for the screws to be removed, which is great news. It’s not a big operation, just a local anaesthetic,” he explained.

It is a real testament to Mark fitness to think that just a few months agi he had a pretty serious break and he has managed to get right back in the car with almost no testing and remain competitive with his teammate and others around hi,.


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