Webber: Too early to back Vettel

There was little doubt in my mind that Sebastian Vettel was going to be a handful for Mark Webber and with the young German’s star rising rapidly it will be hard to control from within the team. But Webber has a fair point that he shared with the BBC. He is only 3.5 points behind his much heralded teammate.

It’s easy to get lost in the terrific driving of Sebastian Vettel. After all he’s won both of Red Bull’s victories this year and is arguably the best rain driver in the field. The bigger question is more for Webber than Vettel. What does Mark have for his younger teammate? Can he challenge Vettel to the end of the season? Does he have what it takes to keep the young German behind him?

“There was a lot of talk after Silverstone that I had to beat my team-mate Sebastian Vettel in Germany to retain the balance in the team but that’s not the case,” Webber said in his column for the BBC Sport website.

“It is too early to start backing one driver, and the team are being brilliant with that.

“It’s only natural that there is a bit of momentum with Sebastian within Red Bull because he took the chequered flag in China and Britain.

“You can’t escape the fact that it would be different if I had won a race, but if I can qualify a bit higher and keep up the consistency then I’m confident there will be a win just around the corner.

“Sebastian is only 3.5 points ahead of me in the drivers’ championship which means mathematically I still have a chance to do very well,” he added.

“I’m staying relaxed but I’m not just going to settle for staying close to him.”

What do you think? Let me know below in the comments section. CAn Mark bring it or did he leave something out on the track?

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