Mark Webber has finally started to make sense for me. After being asked by BBC Sport his feelings on Lewis-gate: The Ugly words, Mark sheds some light on the situation.

Speaking on what he feels the motivation behind the racial abuse, Marks said:

“They will be extremely well attended and the fans won’t like Lewis and probably won’t for a long time, but that’s the way they are.

“They didn’t like Michael (Schumacher) either.

“Obviously, there is a racism angle because Lewis is black, and they will draw on that and that’s something they will use to get under people’s skin. But you just have to figure out a way not to let that happen.”

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He also said something about how many families having a god time he saw through the whole weekend, and how much he liked that. And he added that to punish all this gentle people for what a couple of idiots did was a complete no sense. Very wise words, IMO


exactly NC. exactly.

Eric M.
Eric M.

I was actually agreeing with Max’s handling of the whole situation, until he decided to tell us what AH said about what happened in China. That was really uneccesary. Not sure what he was going for there. Oh well. Things seem to have settle down now.