Webber Welcomes Schumacher

Mark Webber has placed the welcome mat out for 7-time world champion Michael Schumacher’s return to F1 racing as a fill-in for injured Felipe Massa.

Webber, who is no stranger to Schumachers capabilities, says he thinks the veteran has it in him to win a race this year:

‘Michael is a world class driver, he’ll be back and he’ll win a race, I think he’ll win a race this year,’ Webber told the BBC.

‘He’s a ferocious competitor – he’ll be a force, no question about it. It’s a great challenge for him again.

‘He’s had a few years out but he’s been occupying himself fantastically with other sports, one being motorbikes and he’s been riding those pretty quick.

‘So, he’s going to be in pretty good shape,’ added Red Bull driver Webber, who is second in this year’s world championship title race. — AFP

While many are suggesting he has lost it and will not amount to much, Webber feels otherwise and I tend to agree with him. Schumacher could win but in reality, he should be there to drive the F60 and provide any hands-on feedback the team needs for the development of the 2010 car.

He is also there as a huge boost to a tarnished, politically vomiting series. F1 fans want a challenge and former Schumacher fans are still looking for a hero that can win. Other teams will benefit from the increased revenue as well and Bernie may scrape enough off the top to make the bank payment for the CVC…and who doesn’t want that?

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