Webber’s heel and toe are still working

Mark Webber hasn’t lost his touch and clearly he came up in an era of Heel-Toe racing because this Porsche video is a great look at his fancy footwork.

Porsches spruced up its 718 Cayman GTS 4.0 and Mark took it for a spin around the Estoril Circuit. Great to see Mark hustle the car around the track…not bad for a #2 driver. :)

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I was once (as a teenager) sent by my parents on a defensive driver training course. Our class was divided up into 3’s and we were given a coach each. My coach was none other than Mark Webber. I believe he was driving Formula Ford at the time, and not particularly famous yet. He jumped into a manual Ford Laser he had never driven before and took us around the track to try and teach us how to heel and toe. I was in the back so learnt nothing about heel and toe. I did learn that he was incredibly… Read more »