Webber’s win…he’s paid to do that


While McLaren insist that their current lack of pace will have no effect on Lewis Hamilton’s decision to renew his contract with the team, Red Bull have taken an opposite approach to this weekend’s British Grand Prix winner Mark Webber. The Australian is doing well this year and currently leading the Red Bull charge for Constructor’s and Driver’s titles. Even with this top-line performance, Webber’s contract (which ends in 2012) will be taken on it’s own and according to team boss Christian Horner, his performance won’t impact contract negotiation timelines. Horner told AUTOSPORT:

“I think that very simply we have a great relationship with Mark,” said Horner. “As always with him, things are pretty straightforward. This is his seventh season with the team. He has had all of his success in F1 with this team and we would like to see that continue.

“Inevitably there is an awful lot of speculation surrounding Ferrari, but we are only focused on ourselves. We cannot control what other people say or do, and I think that Mark feels comfortable in the team.

“Mark wants to be in the team next year and therefore, as we have always stated, during the summer we will sit down and talk about the future. And that period of time is obviously coming up pretty close now, so over the next few weeks we will be talking about 2013.”

Mark’s option have been rumored as wide-open and even some suggesting that Ferrari might be interested in his services alongside Fernando Alonso. Regardless of rumors. Webber has been a huge benefit to Red Bull and while his career is not exactly trapped in carbonite, it is on the waning side of it’s impressive glow.

In the end, it all comes down to money and if you’re Helmut Marko, you have Sebastian Vettel, firmly planted, and young Australian Daniel Ricciardo in the wings. Is Webber worth another year extension? In my opinion, yes but then I don’t hold Dietrich Mateschitz purse strings.  Although I do purchase insane amounts of Red Bull and feel the least they could do is consult me, having chosen not to buy some simple ad space.  ;)

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