We’re gonna need more Cowbell…I mean, DRS!

The Belgian Grand Prix offered one pass on the first lap that wasn’t DRS enabled and that was for the lead and the win. May of the other passes during the race were DRS assisted with drivers mainly waiting for the Kemmel Straight to pull off heroics…so called.

This type of pass on a track like the might Spa Francorchamps made the leading car a bit of a sitting duck and seemed to see the passing cars fly by unabated. The mere speed at which these passes were achieved led Sky Sports F1 commentator and former F1 racer, Martin Brundle, say that the DRS was too strong at this track and they needed to dial that back.

As we discussed on the Belgian GP review podcast, one would assume that shortening the DRS zones or removing one might be what Brundle was alluding to. Assuming that the FIA and teams also noticed the onerous impact DRS had on the race, the remaining races might be dialed back a bit. Not true.

According the effervescent folks over at Autosport, it seems that the FIA’s, Charlie “Colonel Chuck” Whiting is not dialing anything back, in fact, he’s doubling down with expanded, if not entirely leaisurely application of DRS tweaks on the remaining races.

Sochi will get a start-finish DRS zone extension, Austin a backstraight extension, Brazil a 100 meter extension and both DRS zones at Abu Dhabi extended. If F1 was a product, DRS zones would be the loss-leaders swag koozies giveaways of the sport. I’ve not seen such a liberal application of something since Ted Kravitz put sunscreen on his cheeks.

What better way to say, “yeah, we heard you, the DRS was way too powerful in Belgium” than to simply add more? As the Geico commercial says, “you can’t argue with more…why would you?”. Good grief…I got a fever and the only prescription is more cowbell. Guys! You’re going to want that cowbell.

Hat Tip: Autosport

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The fans… we asked them… they wanted more passing… we’re just doing what you wanted… it’s not our fault, it’s yours. /s


Imagine, if you will, a chef. “I’m led to understand you aren’t enjoying the small cup of slightly salty broth I’ve been force feeding you to spice up your bland, flavorless meals? Well, I’ve heard your complaints. I’ve looked at the problem and after careful consideration of all the options I have good news! I’ve looked at sourcing more spices for years, true, but that takes time. And the historic importance of this meal is such that only the best will do. So for now the answer is MORE SOUP! GALLONS OF SOUP! Poured down your throat! It’ll be GREAT… Read more »