We’re not paid to mention Motor Sport Magazine

As we gear up for the 2014 Formula 1 season, it is important to get all your ducks in a row. You need to get your publications and opinion sites sorted and ready for your 2014 F1 experience. We have a couple suggestions in which you can do that.

The world has its share of terrific Formula 1 journalists and we have a list of many that we respect very highly. Years of tradecraft, prose and a fresh copy of the AP Style Book have seen them spend their lives following an enigmatic sport.

Motor Sport Magazine

We’ve made no bones about our love for Motor Sport Magazine and we have done so without any promotion, advertising, compensation or working relationship with the publication…we honor, respect and recommend the magazine on merit alone and as an American paying for overseas subscriptions, I am elated to do so because I know the content is singular in nature.

If you’ve been following Motor Sport Magazine then you know they have made a few changes to their lineup for 2014. While I still consider Nigel Roebuck the definitive voice and Jenks of our time, the magazine has managed to lure Mark Hughes away from AUTOSPORT and that is, indeed, a coup.

You can hear Mark on his very first Motor Sport Magazine Podcast right here. If you are inclined to listen to podcasts other than Formula1blog.com, then we recommend this one.

Mark brings a terrific knowledge to Motor Sport Magazine and their podcasts as he will be attending all of the races this year. However, the magazine is replete with incredibly talented people such as Nigel, Rob, Ed and Simon. While I still miss Bill, the features have grown in their scope and allure.

We like Motor Sport Magazine very much and as F1B represents a safe harbor for new and veteran fans to commingle and learn, we recommend that you subscribe to Motor Sport to help unpack Formula 1 in ways that the weekly and other online news outlets can’t.

One thing you will enjoy about the magazine is that as a monthly, there is room to breathe and inject insight and teaching into their articles instead of just reading news. There is a place for pure news, it is what drives our website for sure, but Motor Sport Magazine is different. Like F1B, they try to teach their way into your F1 content world. By sharing opinion, insight and content that is more than just news.

Don’t miss Mark’s work at Motor Sport Magazine this year and get your subscription today.


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