What can we reasonably expect from McLaren in Bahrain?

You could accuse Grace or others of being big McLaren fans but I find myself emitting the sound of one hand clapping lately in my defense of McLaren’s shortcomings in 2015. Not even Macca-slobbering fanboys are putting up the defense I’ve been sharing with all of you in my more glorious moments of mind vomit.

This most likely means I’ve lost my marbles but that’s nothing new. So what can we reasonably expect from the boys from Woking in Bahrain this weekend? Not a lot more than what we saw in China according to Eric Boullier telling our friend Adam Cooper:

“To be honest with you we want to keep bringing performance like we do. We are not gaining a tenth like you normally do at a race, we are gaining half a second. I’m not sure in Bahrain we’ll have half a second, because it’s a back to back race, but we need to keep this development pace. We are now close to the midfield pace so we can maybe break into that group in the coming races. That’s the target – but our real target is the top spot.”

Key to any successful Formula 1 campaign is the ability to continue a punishingly rapid pace of development and the folks in Woking know how to do that better than most. They’ve closed the gap very quickly this year so far and in F1 time, they’ve clawed back an eternity.

Target is wins, realistically they could be fighting for top five finishes come year-end. Some of this is due to the gains that will be made my McLaren and the other part may be the lack of gains made from Lotus, Williams Toro Rosso or Sauber due to limited resources in which to develop. This will leave a gap in which to work for Woking.

To be honest, I wish the team were documenting this incredible season and storyline on video for a feature DVD like Audi did with the 24 Hours of Le Mans. I think there will be a brilliant story in the end. And this is coming from a Ferrari fan no less.

Hat Tip: Adam Cooper

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Paul KieferJr

Todd, you live in the “Show Me” State. Isn’t it time that McLaren showed you something?


Ronny D shows us his chest garden, is that not enough?

Johnpierre Rivera

I like what I read…. ;-)


After China, Lotus are convinced they have the 4th fastest car in F1.
Given Button and Alonso were both lapping faster than Maldonado, does this make them the 5th fastest team?


They will continue to show rapid improvements until they get to exactly where they were with a Merc PU where they will come to a grinding halt.