What if Vettel didn’t exist in 2013?

Editor’s note- It’s an interesting concept given the current domination of Red Bull Racing and Sebastian Vettel. Sitting in pubs, pondering the next decade of Schumacher-esque dominance and wondering what might have been if only McLaren and Lewis Hamilton had truly held the course. The inevitable dialog comes around to the thought of Sebastian Vettel. As you take a sip from your second pint, you contemplate the thought of what would have happened had Vettel chose to drive in DTM instead of Formula 1 in 2013? That’s what F1B reader Dan Gough wondered and here we offer his thoughts and math(s) on the matter.

To liven up my lunch break I thought I would see what the championship would look like if Vettel had not entered the 2013 Championship.  I thought it would be been fun to guess what we might have all been talking about (especially as in the UK there is plenty of talk about F1 being boring with Vettel winning).  I have completed a graph and I thought I would share it as I reckon there would have been some juicy stories out there:

  • Alonso would be heading to Austin looking to win the Championship after a hat-trick of wins post the season break decided his season-long battle with Kimi.
  • The battle for second would be hotting up as late charges from Webber and Rosberg made it a 4 way battle with Kimi and Lewis.
  • In the constructers (I removed Red Bull entirely) Lotus would have faded post Spain from a 3 way battle with Mercedes and Ferrari.  Merc would have just regained the championship lead in Abu Dhabi by a single point.

What might we have been talking about?

  • Lotus would have been the bad guys with stories such as:
  • Lotus not paying championship leading driver and driving him to fierce rivals Ferrari
  • Possible sabotage of Kimi’s title charge following him signing Ferrari contract
  • Possible team orders questions after 1,2 finishes in Bahrain, Germany and Korea with faster Grosjean behind each time?
  • Failing floor deflection tests in Hungary (Grosjean) and Kimi at Abu Dhabi might have caused more scandal in the pit lane than they actually did.
  • Ferrari wind tunnel issues would have been forgotten as gains made during the mid season break look to carry Alonso to the title
  • General hysteria about the prospect of the 2 championship contenders sitting in the same car in 2014!
  • Alonso un-happiness rumours even louder following Kimi signing.
  • Webber heart break of missing another championship chance in final season with 3 retirements since Italian GP podium
  • Grosjean touted as new wonder kid with 5 second places. When will he get his first win?
  • Mercedes having the best all round team with most consistent car and very closely matched team-mates.
  • Possible team mate squabbles between Merc drivers following Lewis holding 2nd in Malaysia. Rosberg would have 3 wins to Lewis’ 1 and only 11 points separating them after Abu Dhabi

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