What news from the Haas F1 camp?

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Haas F1 says they need a few more races before deciding on their 2017 driver lineup but news has it that they may have done a deal with Romain Grosjean to keep him for next season—what they haven’t done is committed to this weekend’s home-town driver, Esteban Gutierrez.

This isn’t going over well with Esteban and who can blame him? With seats dwindling, waiting even longer to secure his future isn’t an easy thing to do. It’s also difficult as he was one of Ferrari’s young drivers and the relationship between Haas and Ferrari is crucial.

Esteban has taken his plight to the press and suggested he isn’t waiting around for Haas and sometimes this is a way of putting pressure on the team to sign a driver but in this case, I can’t imagine that working if this is what he’s attempting. Esteban said:

“Gene has been very clear in the media – they want to wait a few races,” said Gutierrez, who has set a deadline of 14 days in which to resolve his future.

“Fortunately we have other options, which we are now considering strongly.

“It will be important to close something soon, because we cannot just wait a few more races until the end of the season, and risk falling between two chairs.

“We’re doing our best and things are looking very good for next season.”

I get it but I am not sure what options he has. He does, or at least had, financial backing so perhaps there is a team on the grid that might entertain his services but it would be hard to think that Force India or Renault would given the number of drivers with similar or more backing vying for those seat already.

In other news, Haas and Brembo have put their ehads together and are testing out a new brake material this weekend to see if they can’t remedy the braking problems that have plagued the team all season. Team boss Gunther Steiner said:

“We do the best we can to keep it under control,” he said.

“We have some different parts coming but we still need to see how it works.

“We do something to do the utmost possible to make sure it doesn’t happen again and we hope we get it working.

“We use a different material here. It’s a new material to us.

“We need to test it to see if the drivers are happy with it.

“I think we keep this one as it seems to be avoiding the problem we have in Austin – that is our main aim.

“I’m confident we find a solution for Brembo tomorrow, to overcome the problem until the end of the year.”

Let’s hope that works because no one wants to head into a corner at 150mph and not have trust in the brakes.



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Bruno Tattaglia

As a Sauber fan I am terrified to have him back if ERI buys a seat in FI or if NAS buys a seat in Williams. GUT showed nothing but mistakes in 60 races. (Fangio won 5 WDC in 51). He is talented but he is mentally weak. Always crash at Rascasse in Mónaco, he is always 11 about to Score and then fails. Reprimands and sanctions are common stuff for him. Bad relationship with the team. He is a rich boy. His opportunity is gone. Sauber, Manor or….hit the road.


Regarding the brakes, I thought I read (Autosport?) that it was an issue with the disc – hub interface, the splines failing?
As the discs are used by other teams, I would suspect the problem is with the Haas manufactured part. A tolerance problem, or a mismatch in profile causing too much load on a small area? Without any real information I am just guessing.

The Captain

They changed the compounds in the manufacturing for this race. Not sure if that means HAAS was using a different one from everyone else before or now.

Tom Firth

Has Estaban done enough to deserve the seat? Perhaps not, on results and points, certainly not. Taking into account car failures, probably not.

However Haas needs to decide and soon what it wants to do, its cruel and annoying of teams to kill F1 careers entirely by a driver running out of options whilst they decide what the outcome might be. Hated it when Williams did that to Rubens and don’t see this as much different. Decide to sign or let your driver be a free agent Haas!


Sounds like GUT is the backup plan and that Haas Is trying to close a deal with someone they prefer.

The Captain

I wonder if this has more to do with HAAS waiting to see what Ferrari wants to do with that seat first?

Tom Firth

On another note.. What is going on with Brembo lately as a company? Indycar have dropped them as supplier for next year after complaints from teams. Oreca had isses with WEC P2 cars, carrying Brembo brakes and I think has dropped them as supplier, then is also the issues with Haas in F1.

Just coincidence? Just seems a lot of series complaining about them lately.

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