What next for Toto Wolff and what impact will it have?

Silverstone Test, Day 1 - Steve Etherington

Reading and article over at the Daily Mail, I was considering the issue of contract renewal and Mercedes. The article quotes former Mercedes driver, Nico Rosberg, who joined the Sky Sports F1 team last weekend for color commentary.

In that broadcast he said:

‘I do think it matters. Lewis is convinced Toto is an integral part of the success of the team, which is true, because Toto absolutely is. And it’s not guaranteed that if Toto goes and there is a new leader that the stability remains.

‘Also, if Toto goes it could potentially have a spiralling effect. Many of the team leaders in key positions may say, “OK, it’s the end of an era, Toto’s going, I loved to work with him, let’s also move on to something new”. That could be a really bad turn of events for the team.’

There have been rumors of Toto joining his friend Lawrence Stroll over at Aston Martin and that his part ownership of Aston and the appointment of Vettel are all part of his ultimate arrival at the team. Those, it must be said are dots that have been connected but not verified.

The fact that neither Toto nor Lewis have agreed to new contracts is an interesting situation and some of the comments Toto has made add fuel to the rumor fire as it were.

‘With the schedule, we don’t have time to sit down with Lewis and have a chat, and it is the same for my own contract.

‘Things are happening in the background and are being negotiated, but it is not so simple.

‘From the Daimler side and for myself we want to continue to work in the partnership we have, and for Lewis he wants to be in the quickest car. We need to find the time to sit down and discuss it.’

I am not buying this explanation given the fact that they managed to get a contract done for Valtteri Bottas and getting Lewis secured would seem paramount. It’s not as if this season is a close run thing that occupies all of their time.

I suspect there are a lot of elements at play here and it was last weekend the news stories ran suggesting Lewis was close to signing an $120m contract extension with Mercedes. The hints and allegations are all over the board at this point but what do you think? Do you think Toto is leaving and if so, would he go to Aston Martin? He joined Mercedes when he was still a Williams F1 shareholder.

It’s a little more difficult for Lewis because he wants eight titles and who can blame him. His best bet would be to stay with Mercedes even sans Toto because the regulations aren’t changing for next year. A one year deal would be optimum but perhaps he’s fine with a 2-3 year deal even without Toto if the money is big enough? What do you think?

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Paul Kiefer

The first question that has to be asked is “Is Wolff actually staying?” Sure, he could own stock in one team and be the crew chief (or the F1 equivalent) for another team, but that brings up an old Bible verse: “A man cannot serve two masters.” Some day, Wolff will have to choose, and that might be today. If it turns out that Wolff heads off to a new team, then there’s a good chance that Hamilton goes as well. Sure, the car may be the same at Merc, but how many Toto Wolffs do you know? You can’t… Read more »


Todd, you might want to fix the typos at the end “A one year deal would be optimum but perhaps she’s fine with a 203 year deal”
Long live Lewis, but over 200 years and a sex change is a not where I thought this discussion was going.



Never know, it might be good for the sport. Open it up to a whole new demographic.


If Toto leaves, will it have an impact? Yes but will it be significant? Yes but it probably won’t stop the winning. People can be replaced. Does anyone remember Norbert Haug? He used to be Mercedes’ front man from their time as a engine supplier to a factory team. Toto may be a major pillar holding up the Merc/AMG team but there may be another one waiting to take his place. As for LH, where else can he go to get another world championship and earn big money? It’s not Ferrari.