What? No Podcast this week? Why?

It’s a culmination of things really but while I sit here contemplating a new podcast whilst on vacation, I am challenged with a thought…what else is there to speak about other than the tragic news of Jules Bianchi? I brought my Mac, microphone and even had Grace all ready to go but the more I thought about it, the more I realized that in all honesty, there’s really no other news that weighs against the heavy hearts we all feel over the Bianchi family loss.

I was working on notes, while the kids swam in the resort pool, and as I wrote the title of the first story of tonight’s missing podcast (Bianchi passes away), I realized that I had very little to say regarding the week’s news. As you know, I am rarely at a loss for words and have been accused of being many suspect things including the king of verbosity. Yet tonight, I have nothing to add.

For this reason, I’ve decided to take a break this week from podcasting. I know! It’s a very, very rare thing to not have a podcast late Monday evening and I apologize. I feel terrible about it. I normally record through wind, snow, sleet and rain and even when out of town on business or pleasure but tonight I am left somewhat silent. Somewhat pensive. Somewhat introspective and without the usual vigor I feel a few hours prior to recording.

Perhaps there are many reasons for it…I am on vacation after all and that should come first but I have the same feeling in my gut that I had nine months ago and that has me somewhat muted if I am honest. It’s knocked the stuffing out of me, so to speak, just like it did back then. It’s given me reason for pause and has me intently focused on my own children and this rare time I have with them that will never come again.

We will be back next week for sure and I apologize to the many listeners who await our new show each week. I know I’m not honoring our agreement that we produce a show every week come rain or shine and you download and listen with fierce loyalty. I’m not showing you much love am I? For that I apologize but let’s all take a break this week and remember Jules and contemplate what this weekend will provide in regards to remembering him as well as racing in Hungary and the interesting outcomes ? I do know that Mr. Dave (MIE) has cooked up an interesting show idea for he, Paul and I to do during the summer break that I think you will enjoy so stay tuned and thanks for your kind understanding and continued support. Forza Jules.

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Tim C.

Well said Todd . . . well said. This truly a time for silence and reflection.

Tim C.

Negative Camber

It’s our “moment of silence” as it were.

Long Lost Lozenge


Tom Firth

A completely understandable decision Todd.



Johnpierre Rivera



Any thought to leaving podcast #430 as is and release next week with #431?

Daniel Johnson

I hope you enjoy your week off. Hopefully we get enough news next week for some light hearted nonsense.


Good call Todd. I must say I was wondering why I didn’t have a new download but this makes all the sense in the world.

I’d recommend that instead we all take the time to hug a loved one and to say a silent prayer to whatever God you may worship for Jules and his family.

As was said at Greg Moore’s funeral “see you at the front!”


Thanks for the reflection Todd

Andreas Möller

Good call – both on observing a moment of silence, and letting vacation be vacation. See you after Hungary!

Charlie dougan

Todd, i don’t think anyone could possibly find cause to have a pop at you for sitting this one out, seems like the right thing to do, its been a rotten old week. i have found my thoughts return again and again to Jules this week as the realisation that F1 has lost one of its own sinks it, (and given the nature of the accident) in the most bizarre of circumstances. its a curious thing that the death of someone we don’t know, and for most of us would never even meet affects us so profoundly, but it does.… Read more »


As much as I miss your podcast this week, I feel your decision is 100% the right one. No need for an apology. You are doing a brilliant job and a Moment of Silence to share and / or reflect on the tragic events of this week are sensible. It is the right time as well to remember how uncertain and unpredictable life is. Time to spend quality time with loved ones. I always admire people like yourself, who seem to find more hours in each day to do all the things you are doing. Not that it is anyone’s… Read more »

Negative Camber

Thanks for the understanding and kind words, folks. I appreciate that we are all of one common feeling, a moment of silence and reflection this week. :)


Good call NC. There are plenty of podcasts i can listen to and i’ll be looking forward to a happier cast next week. Since we’re losing a Gracecast maybe put her in the hungary race review along with (not instead of) “The international” Paul. I’ll keep bugging you until you do it :)


Todd, you give so much time and energy to the podcast and sharing your passion for F1. Thanks so much for that. I certainly understand your reasons for taking a break from the podcast this week, there is nothing more life affirming than time with your young kids. Enjoy every moment of that, and this weekends Hungarian GP, Forza Jules, and come back fully recharged next week.
All the best

Bacon Wrapped Sushi

Don’t sweat it. I was at a restaurant with my wife when I learned about Jules. Almost cried right at the table. I couldn’t imagine the pain the family must feel. Really gives you pause and causes you to reflect.


Thank you for having the perspective to not podcast this week. As much as I love the sport, it is best to step back at a time like this and keep it in perspective. It is, after all, a sport. It means nothing compared to the loss of a life – like Jules. It means nothing compared to the special family time for you and yours. Enjoy your family while you can – the time is fleeting.


You enjoy your holiday. Remember life is always on a knife edge regardless of whether you are a F1 driver or not.

Eric Hagen

There is nothing more important than human life. All other news and notes go by the wayside. Jules was a raising star, a glimpse of the future for a sport that we love. We were all looking forward for what was in store for us. And that light is now gone. Such a tragic accident. Just the way that Adrian Sutil looked, that stare in his eyes. It wasn’t good. I pray for his entire family, all his loved ones that lost so much, for all his friends wheather in the pit lane or out.

Rest in peace Jules

Paul KieferJr

How do I choose to rage against the dying of the light?


I was upset today when I was bored at work and had no FBC to listen to. After reading this post it makes a lot of sense why to skip this week. Can you please just have Grace on next week.

Morbius Strings

Racing has been and will always be a dangerous endeavor. Good call NC.


Negative Camber, that was a great gesture. You’re a good man.


It was absolutely appropriate not to do the podcast, for many reasons as you’ve pointed out in the post, especially due to Brianchi’s tragic passing. Glad you made this decision.


No problems even those who get paid the big 000000000000’s deserve some annual leave