What now for Felipe Baby?

Felipe Massa has made a couple of comments in the past week about his future.  The first is that he will no longer drive for Alonso, stating in a story in AUTOSPORT:

“I will not race for Alonso from now on,” he said.  “Right from Friday at Singapore I’ll be working for myself.  I will attack all the time, every lap. It’s come the time to look after myself.”

While this is reasonable if he is trying to get another drive in F1, he needs to show what he is capable of, and many have forgotten since 2008 when he really was capable of racing with the best in the field.  Maybe freed from the need to support his team leader, he will be able to race away from him on the occasions that Massa out-qualifies Alonso.  Only time will tell.  We are discussing this issue over on the F1B forum here if you want to comment further.

The other comment Massa has made is also reported in AUTOSPORT, where he states:

“I want to find a good car. I’m not interested in being in Formula 1 just to be there on the grid. I want to be there to have a good opportunity, to fight for a good result.

“I want to have the best opportunity to fight for victory and to fight for the championship. And that’s what I’m looking for and hopefully we can find it. I have a lot to give.”

Now this can be considered to be the Ralf Schumacher defense.  He, along with several other drivers in previous seasons, left F1 claiming that they had offers to stay in the series but didn’t want to just make up the numbers.  Is Felipe then preparing the world for his departure from the series, or does he genuinely expect a turnaround in form now that he isn’t worried about team orders?

Personally, I hope Massa manages to win one more race before he leaves F1 (whether that is in a Ferrari or not).  I do worry though about how he will adapt to not having Rob Smedley on the other end of the radio wherever he ends up next season.

While he has never managed to recapture the form he showed in 2008 he is still capable of occasional speed.  Is this enough to keep him in Formula 1 for 2014?  Would a contract that paid a points bonus serve to motivate him to perform, it certainly seemed to work for other drivers in the past (among them Piquet & Raikkonen interestingly both driving for a team called Lotus)?  Share you thoughts and opinion below or in the Forum.

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