What should F1 tires be? Has anyone asked Pirelli?

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Now that we know Pirelli have been given the nod as the continuing tire supplier in Formula 1, what are your feelings about the direction the tires should go in? Mercedes driver, Nico Rosberg, feels that fan input on where they’d like to see the tires go is important while team bosses come to grips with a longer relationship with Pirelli than some would have preferred.

If 2017 is a magic year of change in F1, then surely this talk of fat tires has lodged itself in your head somewhere…so is that what you want to see? More grip and fatter tires that still degrade quickly? The notion of an 18-19″ rim has also disappeared from the conversation as well with teams claiming it would require too much chassis re-design etc.

Teams have also complained about the early start to 2016 and how much money that will not cost them and about additional tire testing which may cost them money. I’ll be honest, at this point the “it costs too much” canard is getting old and it’s becoming a mantra that is starting to irritate fans. Every change proposed is met with one or more teams who don’t like the change claiming outrageous costs to implement that change.

Then you have engine manufacturers adamant that they cannot charge less for their engines and that the R&D costs must be born somewhere. The challenging notion here is that the series has set up makers of engines to supply the grid and have the customers pay for it, that’s not a good recipe is it?

Tires are essential and critical to F1 and Pirelli seem keen to do whatever F1 wants but I would like to hear what Pirelli would really want. They’ve been doing this for a while now and know all the players, what works and what doesn’t. Has anyone in F1 actually asked Pirelli what they feel would make the series better and what kind of product they could deliver in to make it so?


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charlie white

I’ve been sympathetic to Pirelli because they’re only making the high degradation tires wanted by the FIA to “spice up the show”. But the fact they have 4 different tire formulations only more complication to a sport sinking in complexity and complications from rules to engine development and it is overwhelming this fan. Regardless of rim size or dimensions, tires should be come in either granite rock hard or cotton ball soft and let the teams decides which to use before Q2. That’s what I want from the tires.

The Sarcastic SOB

Four choices is really not that many compared to the hundred or so buttons on the steering wheel!

I think they should just ship each team their entire season’s allocation of tires when the season starts. Let the *teams sort out where to store them all, which ones to take to which races, and what to do with the worn ones.

Negative Camber

I can’t imagine this makes watching at home any easier for potential new viewers of F1. It reminds me of the comments Max and even Mr. E had about things fans couldn’t see not mattering to F1.

charlie white

I think you’re missing the forest for the trees, NC. Give the teams fewer, more difficult choices and watch them succeed or fail every race weekend. I,for one, get tired of figuring out which 2 out of the 4 spec tires are used for each track. Reduce the selection down to 2 and let the teams figure out which is best for the race. If it doesn’t matter to F1 fans, according to Bernie and Max, then why discuss it?

Tom Firth

New viewers can figure it out if interested enough to do so, the rest of us did! If those aspects don’t interest, that’s fine as well.

Junipero Mariano

What is the mechanism behind the HD tire that makes them degrade faster than the standard race tire that provides the same pace? If they’re just softer, are the HD tires in turn faster than regular racing tires?

Put another way, a hard tire is supposed to provide longevity at the cost of pace. If you put the Michelin hard tire and then the Pirelli HD hard tire on the same car, what are the differences in lap times and tire life?

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