What’s in an apology?

Apparently Martin Whitmarsh has written a letter of apology to Max Mosley, head of FIA, which one can only assume centers around the Australian Grand Prix and the actions taken by the McLaren team during that race. The Telegraph reports that a source has explained to them that the letter includes an “unreserved apology”. Fair enough but my hunch is that a certain governing body could have played a role in “leaking” the toy. Sounds on par with something thy would do.

So will an apology of an unreserved nature change anything come April 9th? I doubt it. Lewis Hamilton has been given a dispensation for his mea culpa but I doubt that will fly when it comes to McLaren. The team seems to continually raise the ire of the FIA which leaves itself in constant scrutiny of their jaundiced eye. Martin will do well to mitigate the damage and prevent any race bans from occurring but I suspect the CFO of McLaren will be writing a hefty check come April 30th.

One also wonders if this will book-end this issue or if the long-term effects have just started. I suspect that with McLaren toiling away at the midfield; perhaps the FIA may not be as ardent in their punishment but one can only guess with Max. the more egregious the fine and punishment (which Max likes quite a lot) the more upset FOTA becomes. Max likes that really well.

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